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There are more Questions than Answers


What made me weird

I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a sort of forthright bravery to admit it. Inspired by this blog post, here’s five things that made me weird: Monty Python — or the realisation that humour didn’t need to be dumb at least.  It’s probably the ‘Marxism […]

Miss Baskerville T-Shirt

Miss Baskerville T-Shirt “Each Typewoman is created entirely with type (letters, punctuation, ligatures) in the typeface of their namesake and sit atop a pattern created with the same. No letterform has been skewed, stretched, flipped or any other bastardizing technique — just scaling at rotating. So the letters are pure as the driven snow!”

Yeast based cultural (ha pun!) assessments

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! I’m completely indifferent to marmite, or vegemite, although I quite like twiglets (which are nought but stale marmitey wotsits). I don’t love it or hate it. I do hate people who say “I’m like marmite me, you either love me or you hate me”, mainly because the sort of people who […]


moar funny pictures I almost burst in the hurry to make this one.


I’m not one to resist a meme, not when it’s as good a statement of intent of use of Flickr’s new video sharing as Fridgets, people showing you what’s in their fridges.

Want to buy a football club?

Is the target market for this really worth using Google Ads?

Fifth Beatles

I’ve thought for a long time that there was a great eposodic book (or possbily radio doc series)  in having a chapter on each of the peopl that have a some point or another been called the “fifth beatle” – anyone is welcome to have a go, I’ll never get round to it. Neil Aspinall’s […]

The 3rd of Twelvember

The only day of the year that I’m even remotely interested in backwards counter-intuitive date counting such as what the American do. 14/3 is of course π day.

George Lamb, electro-protest

“He didn’t like it up him earlier this week when we did a mass protest. Tried to make out Panic by the Smiths was his favourite record….Really??? Monday @ 11am text your favourite lyrics from “panic” by the Smiths…. “hang the dj” comes to mind email: text: 64046″