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moar funny pictures I almost burst in the hurry to make this one.

hampstr lnk

Stuff your cheeks with: 2008 LOLCalendar – Chirag Mehta : chir.ag – This is a free Year 2008 calendar for you to download and print. It's full of cute kitty pictures with ridiculous captions.

Hot Manatee on Glass Action

Been laughing at this manatee for some time, but felt it needed a touch of synth-pop.

Select the kittens

Microsoft have released a proper cat captcha programme (catcha?). Thanks to the now back, oh how you’ve been missed, D’log.

A fucking big duck

An f’in big duck Originally uploaded by bounder One of my favourite showbiz anecdotes refers to the wondrous Vic and Bob becoming personas-non-grata on the charity fundrasing circuit after a routine about “a fucking big duck” at a Stephen Fry organised AIDS do. It wasn’t the routine, in which they made continued references to an […]

Random cat in Birmingham

It had to happen eventually. I posted a kitten to BiNS by mistake. I got rid, but if you get feeds… well that’s why there was a bonus ginger cat in a box for you.

Meerkat photographs were a hoax?

Oh dear. The meerkat photograph hoax review – which UK newspapers admitted online to being duped? – currybetdotnet – 12 September, 2007