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Just one more thing…

Just One More Thing: Columbo Mark Billingham recalls the American TV detective series Columbo, which broke every rule, including identifying the villain in the opening scene, but remained hugely popular. Link good till 3/11.

Twenty questions

I did a quick interview with the Bostin website, if you have five minutes spare and are intrigued by the concept of then it may be worth your time.

Hot Manatee on Glass Action

Been laughing at this manatee for some time, but felt it needed a touch of synth-pop.

It really is a lottery, that life business

You may have read about four parts of the UK being up for £50M of National Lottery funding – the catch being that they have to compete again on a ITV televised debate. Doesn’t that just seem wrong? We pay, or give the contact to, a large corporation in order for them to hire experts […]

Mighty Boosh Series 3 Transmission Date

Naboo and Bollo Originally uploaded by bounder It’s almost definite that it will tx on BBC3 from Thu 15 Nov at 22.30 and then be repeated on the following Sunday. And it will have it’s preview online the week before. Boosh News

Vinyl countdown

Vinyl countdown Originally uploaded by bounder

Select the kittens

Microsoft have released a proper cat captcha programme (catcha?). Thanks to the now back, oh how you’ve been missed, D’log.

Camp New

This is Sir Norman Foster’s plan for FC Barcelona’s stadium, the Nou Camp – a brilliant echo of Gaudi’s Parc Güell, and it’ll all be built around the current stadium. Not only that, it won’t cause disruption to any of the team’s fixtures – why can’t we do architectural renewal like this? Image nicked from […]

Something I spotted when queuing to buy a pepsi max and a copy of Private Eye in Tesco on New St today

Doesn’t it look like the fat toungued mockney is on the crapper on the front of in this book

Heavy Trash at The Hare and Hounds

Weeeeeeellllll, I’d like to ask you ladiesungentlemun do you feeel allllright Cenyewrockunroll inthuhareundhoundz? Thankyewvurymuch.