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O2 New Street Birmingham Insurance Rip-Off

Boring post this, it’s just for Google to in case any other people are looking to see what’s happened. I popped and got an iPhone 4 the other day, it’s nice (and it won’t cost me much once I recycle the old 3G – and the battery was dying). I decided to stay with O2, […]

Review: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Town Hall

Who ever heard of a concert starting at the time stated on the ticket?Originally uploaded by bounder Who ever heard of a concert starting at the time stated on the ticket? This is the view of the uke guys doing Splodgenessabounds’ ‘Two Pint of Lager’ – it’s the last song in the first half and […]

Twenty questions

I did a quick interview with the Bostin website, if you have five minutes spare and are intrigued by the concept of bjornborgbaggiesbaggies.net then it may be worth your time.

Heavy Trash at The Hare and Hounds

Weeeeeeellllll, I’d like to ask you ladiesungentlemun do you feeel allllright Cenyewrockunroll inthuhareundhoundz? Thankyewvurymuch.

Mailbox – Bang and Olufsen

Mailbox – Bang and Olufsen Originally uploaded by bounder I know they only seem to sell kit to professional footballers (a guy that worked there once told me that that month they’d only sold one system to Lee Hendrie) – but a big advert featuring Ken Bates?

Gwen Stefani at the NIA

Gwen Stefani (yes, I know, not my usual thing, a return of a longstanding agreement from the last time I dragged my other half to watch Belle & Sebastian or somesuch) is not averse to using the odd bit of popular culture – in the first half hour she’s played songs that piggy-back on Topol […]

A fucking big duck

An f’in big duck Originally uploaded by bounder One of my favourite showbiz anecdotes refers to the wondrous Vic and Bob becoming personas-non-grata on the charity fundrasing circuit after a routine about “a fucking big duck” at a Stephen Fry organised AIDS do. It wasn’t the routine, in which they made continued references to an […]

Random cat in Birmingham

It had to happen eventually. I posted a kitten to BiNS by mistake. I got rid, but if you get feeds… well that’s why there was a bonus ginger cat in a box for you.

Architecture and morality

I wanted to write something in order to solidify my thoughts on why blog comments seemingly are more likely to be negative rather than positive, this isn’t going to be interesting or original. Probably it’s something to do with how if there’s something you don’t like it’s more important to “vocalise” it than when you […]

Birmingham Beach

Birmingham Beach, originally uploaded by MartianMarvin. People can hate as much as they like, I still think that this is an interesting juxtaposition between technology, history and frivolity.