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The King

Tempted, but it’s still > bounder > Facebook | Confirm Requests

Access From outside the US

Usefull tutorial fom that shows how to use a tool meant to secure access at wireless hotspots to fool the IPTV service. Will have to try this out, unfortunately it’s in the most useless of tutorial formats – the video. I’ll get to this when I’m really desparate for a dose of The Daily […]

WordPress for iPhone

Just testing the WordPress iPhone app. More info. Had one instance of a bug that meant you couldn’t get back to the draft post after trying to select a category. If that happens you lose your post. No spell check. It is a ton better than any customised web interface I’ve seen, but not quite […]

iPhone 2.0 — nightmare

I tried to upgrade to the new iPhone, I was up at 8am trying on the O2 store last week — it crashed, it was slow, and when I finally got to order there was absolutely no confirmation. Turns out I got a text yesterday saying that my order was received after stock ran out, […]

Invisibl social divide

If even the Wall St Journal gets locats, is internet culture over?

You can’t have it

Where as I say “gowan then” to people who ask to use my Flickr pics, there’s a certain type of people that seemingly don’t want you to even see theirs. D_morton (who probably doesn’t want the link ; ) ) always puts “You may not use, copy or print my photographic image files without my […]

Oh noes!

Oh noes! Originally uploaded by bounder Remind me to back up my apps when I get back in.