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TV blog fun

Smashing Telly is a TV blog that unlike Watchification, finds and embeds content from around the web [link]

Hello sailor

Jodie Silsby has produced the Portsmouth Vernacular Map. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! A lovingly created map of Portsmouth with roads replaced by local phrases (there’s also a dictionary). Super, it almost makes you want to move there. Apparently London is next for the treatment — come do Birmingham instead please. (via D’log)

Being Average

A platitude that is sitting in my brain, please ignore. Big companies research the market before launching a new product (doubly so before “relauching” an existing one). Then they try to hit their target, shaping the product to “what the users want”. Tiny companies, or people just doing it for the love, make what they […]

The Nation’s Favourite

The Nation’s Favourite Originally uploaded by diamond geezer

Giant firefox made of flowers

Guggenheim museum Bilbao Originally uploaded by mcbozburger At the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao (or is it a cat?).

Bus stop swing

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! It almost makes you want to wait for a bus. Via Wooster Collective: Bruno Taylor’s Playful Spaces

Bill Drummond – The Manager

I’ve been reading KLF-er and artist Bill Drummond‘s new book 17, it’s fascinating in it’s surface honesty and deeper ambiguity as is most of his stuff. In it he mentions a video he shot, supposedly instead of doing what Alan McGee told him to do (make a promo for a single from his obscure album […]

It’s not what you like

I’ve just finished reading a excerpt from Haruki Murakami‘s book about his obsessive running, and in particular a 100KM “ultramarathon” he completed (it’s taken me a while to get round to, it was in the Observer in July). He’s been one of my favourite authors in recent years, but something has disturbed me about finding […]

Get your Tweets back on SMS (probably)

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of getting twitter notifications by SMS now twitter has turned that off in the UK. If you search “RSS to SMS” on Google you find Pingie – which seems to offer the ideal solution. It will send text updates from an RSS feed (and you can get a feed […]

Famous Scenes from Spectrum Football Manager History

After Through the Wall, and a dodgy (by which I mean rubbish) text adventure called Planet of Death (of which no record exists), one of the first games I played on my ZX Spectrum was Football Manager. It was slow, written in BASIC, and the amount of control you had over the success or otherwise […]