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Some thoughts on good meetings – Jon Hickman's posterous

"love the fact that "good meeting" is an emergent meme on Twitter: the phrase is seen by a lot of people on Twitter as an empty platitude, the twitter equivalent of saying "er"." I did have a good meeting with Mr Hickman the other day, too. – Some thoughts on good meetings – Jon Hickman's […]

Chinese Twispers

No recriminations or anything, just an interesting thing that happened this morning on the Twitter. I was listening to Radio Five when the sad news that David Cameron’s son had died broke. This sort of “news” is normally queue to turn off radio and TV, as there’s nothing to be said, but they’ll insist on […]

Tea Fu

Tea Fu is the ancient art of persuading others to make you a cuppa. Most often practised in dwellings, the Tea Fu master will use psychological tricksterism as tea always tastes better when someone else has made it. The true master will also attempt workplace Tea Fu. I’ve made a little twitterbot (using twitter search, […]

The quiz that wasn’t

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch Twestival in Birmingham was so packed with fun that I don’t think anyone got time to do the quiz that I’d prepared. So, I present it here – no entry free but you can still donate to Charity:Water if you like. It’s here as a PDF: twestival quiz Why not have […]

A thought about Twitter that is a bit longer that 140 chars

This is likely to be incoherent — which is why, despite it being about social media, it isn’t over on jonbounds.co.uk — I’m trying to define why I (amongst others) are starting to worry that we’re falling out with Twitter. I’m not going to attempt to explain stuff, just have to dump this out of […]

Stephen Fry stuck in a lift

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Stephen Fry is stuck in a lift. Now will this cause Twitpic as much touble as the plane in a river? TwitPic – Share photos on twitter

Charlton and the “reallies?”

TV critic and now TV star Charlie Brooker is on Twitter, he calls himself CharltonBrooker, you can tell it’s him no-one else could get enough bile into 140 characters. He’s an old-school computo-phile (he used to write about computer games, and indeed the computer magazines of the eighties were a fabulous breeding ground for journalists), […]

TwitPanto – Dracos.co.uk

Wonderfully clear version of the twitter panto, pulled together on the fly by a wonderful person. Narrator in pink, cast in blue, backchannel behind you… [link]

Get your Tweets back on SMS (probably)

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of getting twitter notifications by SMS now twitter has turned that off in the UK. If you search “RSS to SMS” on Google you find Pingie – which seems to offer the ideal solution. It will send text updates from an RSS feed (and you can get a feed […]

Twitter Cartoon Day

Normally my twitter followers are a, fairly, sane bunch of humans – but today I’ve been watching then all turn to toons. Today has been declared ‘Twitter Cartoon Day’ – “Brighten up the lives of your fellow Twitterers today by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.”