Monthly Archives: October 2008

The global village, it’s not shit

No, not related to  Mike Whitby’s awful meaningless slogan, but the very real sense that — in online parody at least — we’re all pretty similar. At BiNS I got an incoming link from a blog site in Wellington, New Zealand, called “the Wellingtonista“. It seems to be doing similar things to what I do on […]

I can see our house from here

I can see our house from here Originally uploaded by bounder Google Earth for the iPhone is a stunning application – new photos of Birmingham too, as we hadn’t moved into our current house on the previous pics and there’s my car on the drive.

Momus on Tea

It's worth reading what Momus has to say on most subjects, and this includes lots of PG Tips Chimps videos too. [link]

What I did on my holidays – Birmingham Post – Lifestyle Blog

Stupidly long blog post about what I did when I went to Pisa last week. It's difficult to write about another country without decending into 'mad foriegners' mode. [link]

tiny music machine lost in Birmingham

Dunkirk on Vimeo

Duff Man Parties Bella

Recently spotted in Italy, I was shocked to discover that Duff Beer is real.

Push or pull?

I’ve just come back from a few days in Tuscany, we stayed in Pisa where there isn’t a whole lot going on (nice — we went to not do much) apart from visiting the leaning tower. Once you’re there, it’s obligatory to pose as if you’re interacting with the round leany thing. The odd person […]

Mark Steel – Video Lectures Online

Free downloads of some of Mark’s TV lecture series. The man may only really do one joke (“see this thing of historical or political importance, it’s a bit like when you lose your shoes isn’t it?”), but he does it with panache and is possibly the only person who I find myself never disagreeing with. […]

Ctrl, Alt, Del Tea Set

swissmiss: Alt, Ctrl, Del Tea Set

The Top 51 Episodes of Red Dwarf

Propper Red Dwarf geekery. [link]