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Broadcast’s Trish Keenan: a singer for whom life was a discovery | Music | guardian.co.uk

"If the reaction of the blogosphere and Twitterati to Keenan's sudden death are reliable indicators, every one of their four studio albums should have been worldwide No 1s. Blur's Graham Coxon called the news "devastating". Chillwave artist, Toro Y Moi, aka Chaz Bundick, tweeted that Keenan was "one of my biggest influences", while Colin Meloy […]

Investigative Journalism

Google Street View fly-by

Using a route planner for Google Maps, and a screen capture app to capture the screen. This is sort of what it would look like to drive from King’s Heath towards the town centre — the route was going further, but there were gaps in which roads were covered by Street View.

Speakers you shall find

I don’t think I’ve been into British Home Stores since I was dragged there to get some forgotten item of school uniform, probably a shirt or a grey V-necked jumper. Is it possible to by grey V-necked jumpers anywhere else? Maybe the grey V-necked jumper and cream chino market has fallen into fast decline. I […]

Seven things you’re not at all interested in

I don’t usually take part in these blog tagging things, normally because they tell you to write about yourself. Now I’ll admit that a lot of things I write (here, on the work-type blog, on BiNS, on the Birmingham Post blog, wherever anyone lets me) are tinged with personal thoughts, experiences and the like — […]

Big you say? Well you live and learn

Birmingham Live and Learn has a nice idea, which is to promote the city’s universities by getting students to blog about their experiences and offer advice. However, whether because of what they’ve been told for SEO or due to poor imagination, a goodly proportion of the posts on the site start like this: Uploaded with […]

Outer Circle Psychogeographical Report

I spent eleven hours on the 11C bus on the 11/11/08. This is a psychogeographical report, it’s not a tale of the trip nor an attempt to map or really delve into areas along the eleven route. I’ll get to that later, I think. I’m not interested in mapping this, only in the most general […]

The global village, it’s not shit

No, not related to  Mike Whitby’s awful meaningless slogan, but the very real sense that — in online parody at least — we’re all pretty similar. At BiNS I got an incoming link from a blog site in Wellington, New Zealand, called “the Wellingtonista“. It seems to be doing similar things to what I do on […]

The International – you can find anything on the interweb

I was just looking a website for an unsigned bands competition (Festibull), which got me thinking about bands I’ve been in. The longest running and most interesting was ‘The International’ — we didn’t gig much, but we were completely out-of-time modish art-rock. We used to have a practise room next to Mistress (very metal) and […]

Fused – Student Issue – How to avoid students when drinking

An article I wrote about "how to avoid students" in Brum — for a magazine aimed at them. [link]