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Want to buy a football club?

Is the target market for this really worth using Google Ads?

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09:06 at the dentist. Waiting for mouth to go numb. Scares the shite out of me. # 09:58 @davebriggs yup done about five. No real issues. # 09:59 finished with pain for today. Unless the bloggers meet turns nasty # 10:37 @livebrum I’ll be there very early – would love to see it # 15:46 […]

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20:33 doing somw WP upgrades. New 2.5 admin is startlingly different # 21:46 @podnosh what’s the alternative? # 21:50 @podnosh very very little scope for customisation – a charge for your own css, charge for your url # 21:52 @podnosh and no embeding of flash in posts from what i remember # 21:57 @podnosh although, […]

Fifth Beatles

I’ve thought for a long time that there was a great eposodic book (or possbily radio doc series)  in having a chapter on each of the peopl that have a some point or another been called the “fifth beatle” – anyone is welcome to have a go, I’ll never get round to it. Neil Aspinall’s […]


Remember Mauwkie, the cat that followed your mouse pointer? Well this girl does too, which is slighty more creepy. (via)

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20:18 @probablydrunk i like it # 20:21 @paulbradshaw I think that might really have been the thinking behind google reader # 20:44 anyone fancy joining in blogging at # 23:51 @catnip # 09:53 @BhamPostJoanna think you might have to have different avatars or the two accounts thing might confuse a stupid person (ie […]

windows the musical

code code code is a heart-wrenching paean to lost love, lyrics mostly written in basic.

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19:13 DIY/male grooming – it’s the way forward # 09:44 @marcreeves but he did it with a pair of pliers… # 09:46 now over 100 loldeirdres and each one funnier than the last. thanks interweb # 10:44 @aeioux @BhamPostJoanna only if you all pluck something with tools # 10:59 @BhamPostJoanna does that hurt? # […]

DIY/male grooming live

bambuser is a service where your can stream from your phone or webcam – live. Today I watched Pete Ashton pull out excess eyebrow hairs. I can’t say tweezed, because he used a pair of pliers. You can watch the archive, I’m claiming it was my idea.

Tweets for Today

18:33 messing with hashtags – is anyone using #birminghamuk ? # 14:52 @probablydrunk @peteashton now that’s something I would watch streaming over the web # 15:41 @jezhiggins it’s otterffic # Squidged out by LoudTwitter