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Geotag the Internet – my rejected 4iP project

Continuing this week’s them of rejection (a bloke could get paranoid), I’ve just heard that my (more in hope than expectation) 4iP project has been knocked back. If you don’t know what 4iP is then a quick look at their website should help, if you don’t care then it doesn’t matter (basically, funding for “public […]

Fifth Beatles

I’ve thought for a long time that there was a great eposodic book (or possbily radio doc series)  in having a chapter on each of the peopl that have a some point or another been called the “fifth beatle” – anyone is welcome to have a go, I’ll never get round to it. Neil Aspinall’s […]


Rules of Slam Equipment: Football. can be anything from a 10p rubber ball to a proper caser – which will get knackered – best is a fly-away plastic ball, red is best. Wall. Game: Take turns to kick the ball against the wall – if you miss, you’ve lost. Think there’s a supremely addictive computer […]