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O2 New Street Birmingham Insurance Rip-Off

Boring post this, it’s just for Google to in case any other people are looking to see what’s happened. I popped and got an iPhone 4 the other day, it’s nice (and it won’t cost me much once I recycle the old 3G – and the battery was dying). I decided to stay with O2, […]

How Does Homeopathy Work?

How Does Homeopathy Work?.

The Future of Reality TV

Channel 4 have announced that they’re giving up with Big Brother after the next series — although a dedicated web show for 2011 would be my guess — they’ve tried fiddling with the format, bunging more and more people in, making more and more stuff happen. They’ve cut the “my god, who wants to watch […]

Yahoo’s When isn’t so hot on where

Supposedly “hyperlocal” thing from Yahoo, hasn’t quite got the “local” bit, yet. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Cat ‘eat’ crunch three

In my continting series of photos on the packets of cat-food: Brekkies is a once mighty brand fallen to the odd appearances in Wilko, and this tabby has felt the sting of every rung of that ladder on the way down. He’s landed on his feet, but you can see the upward glance to the […]

Campaign for Real Heritage

Are you fed up with “officials” deciding what’s important? Do you wish that history wasn’t just written by the winners? The losers, the outsiders, the real people have history too. It deserves recognition, YOUR history deserves a blue plaque. So now it can have one, the Campaign for Real Heritage will place a plaque anywhere, […]

Mark Lawson acts a bit of a presumptuous git

Mark Lawson in The Guardian: “Most art – and certainly the greatest examples – is private and exclusive, created by elite professionals for an audience of amateurs. Though touched by it, we cannot touch it. Schemes that physically involve the public in art or music are an important part of art, but should remain a […]

Got their number

What’s shocking about watching the “live feed” of questions and answers from 118 118’s “ask anything you like service”, isn’t the illiteracy and stupidity of the questions — that’s a given — but the illiteracy, stupidity and plain ignorance of the answers: Is it a or b? No. Top line from second hit on google. […]

It’s not what you like

I’ve just finished reading a excerpt from Haruki Murakami‘s book about his obsessive running, and in particular a 100KM “ultramarathon” he completed (it’s taken me a while to get round to, it was in the Observer in July). He’s been one of my favourite authors in recent years, but something has disturbed me about finding […]

Flickr’s new revenue model?

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! No seen this before.