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Music Fact

Mark Ronson is Mike Flowers, and not even good Mike Flowers. Can he please go away?

It really is a lottery, that life business

You may have read about four parts of the UK being up for £50M of National Lottery funding – the catch being that they have to compete again on a ITV televised debate. Doesn’t that just seem wrong? We pay, or give the contact to, a large corporation in order for them to hire experts […]

Architecture and morality

I wanted to write something in order to solidify my thoughts on why blog comments seemingly are more likely to be negative rather than positive, this isn’t going to be interesting or original. Probably it’s something to do with how if there’s something you don’t like it’s more important to “vocalise” it than when you […]

Ok I’m halucinating

Through lack of sleep (24 hours, sheesh) – but my morning cup of tea is making a noise. A sort or electronic bell ring, barely audible, which has now slowed down and sounds like a bell ringing at a deserted train station in a windswept American film. I’m going to drink it and hope it […]

You know you’re spending too much time on the interweb when…

You see this headline: Tube network crippled by strike and you don’t think London, you think online flash-based video sharing.