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A new book by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe’ on e-mail etiquette, Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home is already billed as the “genre’s Strunk and White,’, but proposes that we use exclamation marks willy nilly. Because email is without affect, it has a dulling quality that almost necessitates kicking everything […]

Invisibl social divide

If even the Wall St Journal gets locats, is internet culture over?

You can’t have it

Where as I say “gowan then” to people who ask to use my Flickr pics, there’s a certain type of people that seemingly don’t want you to even see theirs. D_morton (who probably doesn’t want the link ; ) ) always puts “You may not use, copy or print my photographic image files without my […]

Go on then, you can have it…

Naboo and Bollo decide that INSIDE the couch is funOriginally uploaded by bounder My mate just asked if I had any pictures of the cats with ‘green eye’ (like red-eye, but for cats) for a book on photoshop he’s writing (not these, but one like them he does loads) and I sent him a couple. […]

Gerkin’ Fantastic

Not often I recommend people going to that London, but… may I draw your attention to the exceptionally rare opportunity to ascend to the top of the Gherkin and to stare down on London from the 40th floor. Only 500 Londoners will get the chance, and you need to be ready on the Open House […]

A Tribute To A King

It’s not often you get to read a Marxist appreciation of Elvis: Elvis posed a dilemma for capitalism, but it was not an insurmountable one. Eventually it preserved him as a commodity but destroyed him as a musician. Often this is blamed on “Colonel” Parker. Parker was both incompetent and scared that Elvis might do […]

Oh noes!

Oh noes! Originally uploaded by bounder Remind me to back up my apps when I get back in.

Birmingham Beach

Birmingham Beach, originally uploaded by MartianMarvin. People can hate as much as they like, I still think that this is an interesting juxtaposition between technology, history and frivolity.

My Off the Top Of My Head 50 albums

Copying an idea here. I deliberately did this quickly, without recourse to my shelves iTunes, or any other electronic means – No particular order, except they are in the order I thought of them. I’m surprised by the absence of The Jam, The Who and any soul – I guess I either couldn’t think of […]