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Random cat in Birmingham

It had to happen eventually. I posted a kitten to BiNS by mistake. I got rid, but if you get feeds… well that’s why there was a bonus ginger cat in a box for you.

Architecture and morality

I wanted to write something in order to solidify my thoughts on why blog comments seemingly are more likely to be negative rather than positive, this isn’t going to be interesting or original. Probably it’s something to do with how if there’s something you don’t like it’s more important to “vocalise” it than when you […]

Our survey says…

If you’ve read my rantings on ‘survey culture’ on the BiNS blog, or heard me go on about it as part of the reason for Talk Like A Brummie Day, you might not be surprised to see me link to this article – which is about how a ‘survey’ for Veet (which is Imac – […]

Gerkin’ Fantastic

Not often I recommend people going to that London, but… may I draw your attention to the exceptionally rare opportunity to ascend to the top of the Gherkin and to stare down on London from the 40th floor. Only 500 Londoners will get the chance, and you need to be ready on the Open House […]

the blogging virus

I don’t seem to be able to stop blogging. Not much here, I grant, but there’s the B:INS blog (which has really been running in one form or another for about 4 years), The Kitten Channel (which is mostly pictures of kittens), and a new one which I’m not going to link to until it […]

The Kitten Channel : All Kittens All The Time

My new website. Lowest common denominator stuff I admit, but pictures of kittens just make you happy. If not try an otter with a bib. The Kitten Channel : All Kittens All The Time