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Wordle is worth a thousand pictures

Wordle will take a bunch of text, or a feed and create word pictures like this: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Not only can you chose fonts, colours, layout styles and number of words, it animates in a really nice way as the pictures build. Loveley

That’s me being furious, that is

Fury at matches abroad – Birmingham Mail – thank god that the awful picture of me didn’t make the online version.

Go on then, you can have it…

Naboo and Bollo decide that INSIDE the couch is funOriginally uploaded by bounder My mate just asked if I had any pictures of the cats with ‘green eye’ (like red-eye, but for cats) for a book on photoshop he’s writing (not these, but one like them he does loads) and I sent him a couple. […]

Pie Day

Pork Pie In A Bow Tie : originally uploaded by bounder. today is Pie Day.