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World Cup Willies

I had a little bit of a paddy on Twitter yesterday after a slew of people were moaning about “the football”. “The football” in this instance being a fairly easily avoidable pre-World Cup friendly (the pubs would not have been packed, it was isolated on ITV). I just didn’t see how it was worthy of […]

Data Visualisation

Did success peak in 2004?

One of the quirks of news reporting that amuses me most is when things are “hailed a success”. It a lovely phrase to report on all sorts of projects, especially where the success or failure conditions weren’t laid out before-hand or, in my suspicious mind, for projects that the numbers show weren’t that successful at […]

Is this ‘unique’ or are the media keeping people dumb?

The Birmingham Mail covered this exchange on Pete Ashton’s blog, which is good — it’s a story. To sum up, an advertising company working on behalf of the Rep Theatre were using reverse graffiti, they — mistakenly one would assume — used it on a monument (that it’s a monument isn’t immediately obvious, if you don’t […]

I can has burgerwastage

We had burgers for tea last night. I had veggie, Jules has meat. I always get astounded by how little meat burgers are when cooked, so  I thought I’d record it: Veggie not shrinking, of course. And just so you can see how much the meat ones do shrink:

Hitler’s tache

Richard Herring has decided to live for a week with a Hitler moustache and see how people react. All in the name of comedy of course.

Geotag the Internet – my rejected 4iP project

Continuing this week’s them of rejection (a bloke could get paranoid), I’ve just heard that my (more in hope than expectation) 4iP project has been knocked back. If you don’t know what 4iP is then a quick look at their website should help, if you don’t care then it doesn’t matter (basically, funding for “public […]

Speakers you shall find

I don’t think I’ve been into British Home Stores since I was dragged there to get some forgotten item of school uniform, probably a shirt or a grey V-necked jumper. Is it possible to by grey V-necked jumpers anywhere else? Maybe the grey V-necked jumper and cream chino market has fallen into fast decline. I […]

What made me weird

I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a sort of forthright bravery to admit it. Inspired by this blog post, here’s five things that made me weird: Monty Python — or the realisation that humour didn’t need to be dumb at least.  It’s probably the ‘Marxism […]

Cat-eat Crunch?

Our cats are quite particular about what they eat, they like Whiskas or Felix and only certain flavours, but I’m always on the look out for something to give them a bit of variety. Today in Somerfield I was casting my eyes down the cat food aisle and noticed something. Normally cat food shows a […]