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iPhoto sees people everywhere

I’ve been playing with the new iPhoto ’09, it’s major selling point is face recognition — it attempts to spot faces in your photos and keep a record of who’s where. It makes some brave attempts, but doesn’t always make it: First it spotted a face in Bearwood High St. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Then […]

Is your toilet breeding Communists?

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Cold War Ads

Giant firefox made of flowers

Guggenheim museum Bilbao Originally uploaded by mcbozburger At the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao (or is it a cat?).

Retro To Go: Dr Who Tardis wardrobe

, pretend you're the doctor by nipping in and out of this self-assembly canvas construction, with the added bonus of a single rail inside for your space age clobber. Make a K9 out of a waste bin and some old wire and you'll be ready to conquer the galaxy. link

2girls1cup cake

2girls1cup cake at NinjaPenguin 2.0 Originally uploaded by pinguino

dog hair day

Spotted on Neatorama, these ‘hair hats‘.

hampstr lnk

Stuff your cheeks with: This is Object

tech, pop and penguins

The Inquisitr sounds like our sort of site : Welcome to the Inquisitr, a site I haven’t quite come up with a tag line for, but I’ve got Tech, Pop and Penguins on the short list.

hampstr lnk

Stuff your cheeks with: A carrot shaped like.. – That's Life online

i’m laughing really, wwwww

Night Note: WWWWW Is The New LOL So, weve decided. “lol” AKA “Laugh Out Loud” is dead. Weve killed it. All the cool kids read: Plunkett, McWhertor, me have ditched the “lol.” Its kinda hard to type. Well, not that hard, but still. And “ha”? That actually is too hard to type. Were going with […]