Monthly Archives: January 2009

iPhoto sees people everywhere

I’ve been playing with the new iPhoto ’09, it’s major selling point is face recognition — it attempts to spot faces in your photos and keep a record of who’s where. It makes some brave attempts, but doesn’t always make it: First it spotted a face in Bearwood High St. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Then […]

Feed Me

Feed Me Originally uploaded by bounder After waiting for about 2 weeks longer than normal for my RSS badges from Badges for Bands, I asked where they were. Postal trouble it seems, so they sent me another load (and I think popped a few more in for good measure) — well recomended.

Seven things you’re not at all interested in

I don’t usually take part in these blog tagging things, normally because they tell you to write about yourself. Now I’ll admit that a lot of things I write (here, on the work-type blog, on BiNS, on the Birmingham Post blog, wherever anyone lets me) are tinged with personal thoughts, experiences and the like — […]

Momus on Matt McGinn

Scottish songwriter and aesthete Momus on Matt McGinn — “communist, atheist, republican, and perhaps Scotland’s most interesting satirical songwriter” [youtube:]

Putting up goal nets as a metaphor for life

“Some clubs are fearsomely well organised. They have pegs and a mallet to anchor the net down at the back. They have a chair or a ladder to attach it in the corners, and they have velcro strips to attach it to the crossbar where inevitably the hooks had been torn away by years of […]

Creative Review on London’s new Design Committee

“this new Design Advisory Panel will feed into the Design Advisory Forum and will be managed by Design for London, which now sits within the London Development Agency’s Design, Development and Environment Division. Got that? I would hate to be responsible for all the tea and biscuits for that lot. Most design committees are a […]

Problems with nightclubs

Apart from the prices, the awful music, the clientelle… “The guy who stands in the toilet all night. I don’t like it, there always usually african and get abuse from drunk people. I also sometimes just want to get out of the stinking mens toilet as fast as possible but can’t because I can’t dry […]