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World Cup Willies

I had a little bit of a paddy on Twitter yesterday after a slew of people were moaning about “the football”. “The football” in this instance being a fairly easily avoidable pre-World Cup friendly (the pubs would not have been packed, it was isolated on ITV). I just didn’t see how it was worthy of […]

The curious case of Masal Bugduv

The curious case of Masal Bugduv: a made up Moldovan footballer is “about to sign” for Arsenal, Liverpool and Reading(?) but is the work of a fine prankster.

Putting up goal nets as a metaphor for life

“Some clubs are fearsomely well organised. They have pegs and a mallet to anchor the net down at the back. They have a chair or a ladder to attach it in the corners, and they have velcro strips to attach it to the crossbar where inevitably the hooks had been torn away by years of […]

Famous Scenes from Spectrum Football Manager History

After Through the Wall, and a dodgy (by which I mean rubbish) text adventure called Planet of Death (of which no record exists), one of the first games I played on my ZX Spectrum was Football Manager. It was slow, written in BASIC, and the amount of control you had over the success or otherwise […]

Want to buy a football club?

Is the target market for this really worth using Google Ads?

That’s me being furious, that is

Fury at matches abroad – Birmingham Mail – thank god that the awful picture of me didn’t make the online version.


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David Gold and friends decide that the concept of league football is over

“It’s a great chance for your brand” said David Gold, Chairman of Birmingham City, about the plan to destroy the concept of league football and play one Premier League game abroad per team, per season. “The Premier League, which is the greatest league the world has ever known, is being adventurous, looking forward, looking to […]

You don’t need exclusive info to see that team are crap and the shirt ugly

New England Away shirt released – with ‘QR’ technology: TheFA.com – Keep your shirt on England’s rich heritage is married with revolutionary technology by incorporating a QR (Quick Read) code into the shirt’s label. This effectively serves to bring the shirt to life, enabling fans to access a unique QR website. Upon photographing the code […]

Craig Johnson is angry

We should be too.