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Monthly Archives: March 2008

do want

Via Engadget

Tweets for Today

12:24 @TomScotney it’s what your blog is made for… # 13:51 @bluemilkshake and they said it wasn’t going on till this evening. dragged me from my bed this morning they did # 14:14 @podnosh oh, The Big Picture – trying to coax some snaps out of our WM public # 14:16 @davebriggs if you don’t […]


You might have seen Sleevefaceing before, but this blog collects all the best ones from the Flickr group. You’ll all be trying it now…

Tweets for Today

15:09 Just drove all the way home from Torquay and some idot shunts me in Kings Heath. Not mycar either. shite # 15:16 @podnosh yeah, fine. just pissed off ;) # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

20:09 interweb lack spooked me so much I’ve sprung for a 3g modem # 11:00 @peteashton there’s just too much LOL # 13:16 in Totnes. It’s nice, if a little closed. @catnip has bought an accordian # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

bastard type

Kinematic typography is just text that moves – but this post on Always Watching rounds up the best movie and TV scenes told by only type. Like this one from Psycho:

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19:04 in hotel. The vegitarian option is fish. Free wifi in reception tho. # 00:26 Losing at connect four to @catnip # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

the internet. orange, blackcurrant and lemonade

The Internet. Orange, blackcurrant and lemonade Originally uploaded by bounder A series of tubes full of pop. Spotted in an hotel in Torquay, England.

Tweets for Today

19:34 vampire flick it is then… # 21:34 off for a pint. Vampire fun was had by all. # 22:03 in the prince. Slowest service ever. # 15:06 just past Bristol. On cocodamol and Beck’s. # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

17:58 Cat Power’s ‘New Yorl New York’ is fabulous, not so much as Alex Turner’s Last Shadow Puppets side project tho’. Good tunes. # 19:48 @peteashton and then….? # 20:08 @puceteam anyone? # 09:15 @ChrisUnitt NOTHING needs to be more like mobile phone companies! Why, pray tell… # 11:35 Open data will come, perhaps – […]