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Good causes, but didn’t it used to be funny?

It’s a box-ticking, event-telly-by-numbers mentality, and it made for the most tedious and unsatisfying Comic Relief Night since…the last one. These jamborees are not getting any better as they get older. They’re not getting any better as you get older either. The silliness of their – and your – early years is long gone. Likewise […]

The miner and the copper

Great piece of writing, about t one of the abiding images of the 1984 miners strike – "Guardian photographer Don McPhee's picture of a picketing miner facing up to an officer. But what happened to the two protagonists?". There's also a bit about it on Inside Out, BBC1, 7.30pm 24/2 in Yorkshire, if it appears […]

The Top 51 Episodes of Red Dwarf

Propper Red Dwarf geekery. [link]

Access Hulu.com From outside the US

Usefull tutorial fom Tinkernut.com that shows how to use a tool meant to secure access at wireless hotspots to fool the IPTV service. Will have to try this out, unfortunately it’s in the most useless of tutorial formats – the video. I’ll get to this when I’m really desparate for a dose of The Daily […]

TV blog fun

Smashing Telly is a TV blog that unlike Watchification, finds and embeds content from around the web [link]

The power of repetition

Do not watch this youtube clip if you dislike the idea a a comedy sketch featuring the work c— a few hundred times, do watch it if you want a US TV/political satire giggle: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euu_DMhsXQo] (via)

Eamonn Walker – from sickness to ER

Eamonn Walker bit bizarre this, i don’t normally watch ER – in fact i’ve only ever watched the very early on with a guest appearance by Ewan McGreggor – i left the telly on Channel 4 after Big Brother tonight to be greeted by a face i thought I new. and damn right if african […]