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We were on the radio

And it was loads of fun, I’m sure we made loads of balls ups but I’m too scared to listen again to it. You can tho’ (if you like):

Radio Free Horse Shit For The Garden

If you like the Two Ronnies your first thought when using the word Rhubarb is probably “manure”, but no more. At least until they run out of themes and end up doing a gardening-with-poo based show, Danny Smith et al’s Rhubarb Radio show puts all effluent fertilizer thoughts out of my head. It replaced them […]

George Lamb, electro-protest

“He didn’t like it up him earlier this week when we did a mass protest. Tried to make out Panic by the Smiths was his favourite record….Really??? Monday @ 11am text your favourite lyrics from “panic” by the Smiths…. “hang the dj” comes to mind email: george.6music@bbc.co.uk text: 64046″

Just one more thing…

Just One More Thing: Columbo Mark Billingham recalls the American TV detective series Columbo, which broke every rule, including identifying the villain in the opening scene, but remained hugely popular. Link good till 3/11.