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Not a virus, maybe not real yet, but very smart

Dial – a – rant

Mark Steadman, of the New Media Junkie podcast has had a great idea – and has just gone out and “f–ing done it” (his phrase). It’s Dial-a-rant – a free-by-skype (or normal call charge) answering machine. You phone up, vent your spleen, then go online to claim your bile. You’ve then got a direct link […]

Tweets for Today

18:26 Black Country voting has closed, tidying up apps and badges – with fingers crossed. # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

12:57 lol captioning is addictive # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

16:06 @podnosh – sell it you’ll make a fortune… # Squidged out by LoudTwitter