A zine for Manchester – out now

A zine for Manchester – out now

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
John Lennon

So here it is. Twenty plus pages of giggy goodness.

We asked people to tell us about “the gig of your life”. And that’s a difficult question, some have too many to count, some it’s a night so special it defies actual words, and for some music is so important, so vital, the answer can only be ‘the next one’.

We collected the responses (from a host of ace people) and like to think that we have made one hell of a zine.

We were all moved by that horrible night in May. More than moved: offended, affronted. Not least because gigs are holy ground, they’re sacred spaces made from sweat on love. Circles danced in the sand where evil lives outside.

We needed to redress the balance, celebrate the art that has given us so much over the years.

So now this zine exists. It has many wonderful stories: of gigs that changed people’s lives, for good or bad.

It’s available to buy now as a PDF.

The lion’s share (three quarters) of the proceeds will be going to the National Foundation for Youth Music, a charity designed to change young people’s lives with music. The rest to the Red Cross We Love Manchester fund.

So grab your copy today, and please tweet, FB, share, and generally get the word out there.

Order now

Digital (PDF) £2.50

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