Hold on, I’m coming

It’s been so long I bet you thought you’d not hear from us again. And to be honest, I didn’t think you would either. Let me explain. As you all know the night I came up with this I was watching the rolling news on all the social media streams of this event happening. Shocking, and brutal news that made me, want, need to do something to offset the horror. So the ball got rolling.

But then another terror attack happened, then another, then the Grenfell tower happened, fresh horror after fresh horror and I just stopped. Numbness isn’t a surprising reaction to a barrage of tragedy and violence. Especially with a news media and social sphere obsessed with being first and the hottest takes. I never consciously gave up on this little project, it just got buried under an avalanche of news and dissociation. The only thing I felt when I thought about that night was shame that I didn’t finish. So I stopped thinking about it.

But my two co-editors and best friends in the world pushed it back into my mind again. And I’m ashamed that I let it happen, that I was so easily distracted and beaten. So it’s happening. The MEN is reopened in early September so we’re planning to use the boost in visibility to launch the zine then.

We plan to have two versions available for sale, a PDF and a print version. So, watch this space.