An idea

As I write this it’s 4 am on a tuesday morning, tonight I’ve spent at least three hours tirelessly refreshing twitter as the news of the incident at Manchester Arena pushes past the torrent of bullshit, speculation, and “thoughts and prayers”. And I, like most of you I imagine, an feeling increasingly helpless. I mean what can a nocturnal writer do on the other side of the country?

On top of this is the increasing horror of imagining the event and what that event means to those attending. I love gigs, live music can, and should change your life. Unfortunately tonight this happened in the worst way possible.

Heres what I propose – we collect people’s reactions to the brief “gig of my life” 50 – 200 words. A mixture of famous people, writers, and other contributions. We make a zine and flog them online giving the money to whichever fund or charity seems the most appropriate.

I think the ideal turnaround is about a fortnight. Remember this is a zine so not super polished.

So I’m looking for help.