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Cat News In Briefs

The Sun publish News in Briefs, which is simply-written right-wing content supposedly said by topless model. So Jon Hickman thought it would work  with boobs swapped out for kitties…

Friday, January 22nd – HOLLIE, 22, from Manchester

HOLLIE is furious that we?re shelling out for a battery of crackpot laws by Labour. She said: ?Whoever heard of disturbing a box of eggs without permission? It diminishes the authority of basic tenets of English law as laid down in the Magna Carta of 1215.?

via The Kitten Channel :: Cat News In Briefs.

Dandies and Fops of the British Isles

With huge inspirational thanks to a drunken discussion with Pete Ashton, Fiona Cullinan, Michael Grimes, Mark CyBrum and Alex Hughes (I think, I was drunk…) I present an identification chart to all of the well dressed and non-so well intentioned members of society.

Dig the lovely pencil work:

Dandies and Fops of the British Isles - Identification Chart

There are more Questions than Answers


My new music blog

fuckyeahobscuretunes where I’m going to try to post an obscure tune a day.

Bonus Cats

I’ve started a new tumblog, it’s for collecting instances of “bonus cats” in the media or it real life. A bonus cat is an unexpected cat in a medium where the cat is not the focus, eg the cat on roof on Corrie titles, or a cat that lives in a pub.

The site is sort of like that book that you can get that lets you search by actor/actress and then tells you where and when in what film you can see their nudie bits (and indeed what nudie bits you can see).

Sumbit or see the Bonus Cats.

The Electric, Birmingham

The Electric, Birmingham Originally uploaded by new folder

My Twitter quiz hell « Prospect Magazine

idlewild had a song called 'Text Mesaging is Killing the Pub Quiz' – this is a merry dance on its corpse, and we must have one. – My Twitter quiz hell « Prospect Magazine.

Investigative Journalism

Data Visualisation

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