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Bad Science needs help, or at least link love

Ben Goldacre has had a nastygram from LBC 97.3 and “Global Radio” over posting audio of what he describes as "Jeni Barnett’s MMR scaremongering". If you're in a position to help, it would be appreciated. – Bad Science needs help, or at least link love.


Ned Sherrin and Ronnie Hazelhurst in a day, bad time for eighties nostalgists. The Guardian reported that Ronnie wrote “Reach for the Stars” by S Club 7 (although I’m sure that it was a Cathy Dennis /Bloke from Mud composition). Wikipedia said he did at the time of the article, but it wouldn’t have taken […]

Meerkat photographs were a hoax?

Oh dear. The meerkat photograph hoax review – which UK newspapers admitted online to being duped? – currybetdotnet – 12 September, 2007

Our survey says…

If you’ve read my rantings on ‘survey culture’ on the BiNS blog, or heard me go on about it as part of the reason for Talk Like A Brummie Day, you might not be surprised to see me link to this article – which is about how a ‘survey’ for Veet (which is Imac – […]