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Google’s magic anus

Created by the way Google has stitched two of its Street View panoramas in Smethwick, take the advert for a filum and a moving bus and, oops:

Google Street View fly-by

Using a route planner for Google Maps, and a screen capture app to capture the screen. This is sort of what it would look like to drive from King’s Heath towards the town centre — the route was going further, but there were gaps in which roads were covered by Street View.

Google ‘censor’ cute overload, but not the FSM

This is the back end of my car on Google Streetview – notice how the “privacy” of my car has been maintained by the blurring out of the number plate (waste of time if you ask me, especially as next door’s number plate is viewable). The back of my car is adorned with adornments, you […]