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Big you say? Well you live and learn

Birmingham Live and Learn has a nice idea, which is to promote the city’s universities by getting students to blog about their experiences and offer advice. However, whether because of what they’ve been told for SEO or due to poor imagination, a goodly proportion of the posts on the site start like this: Uploaded with […]

The only photo tips you’ll ever need

“Here’s how to be a photographer: If you follow these steps, you CANNOT fail at getting an art show at a shitty gallery in the city somewhere, and unless you have terrible breath you WILL get laid. If you can’t follow these steps, you will be a BAD PHOTOGRAPHER which is like being bad at […]

Broing Broing?

The danger in hanging out with fun, creative, people who you don’t necessarily have anything in common with is that you come away with more ideas, and less time to “do” them in. Such is life, and such is what happens to me when I go to a Birmingham Bloggers meeting (I don’t hold with […]