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Monthly Archives: September 2007


A tribute that doesn’t include Nessun Dorma in any way.

Polyphonic Spree at the Glee Club

EncoreOriginally uploaded by bounder The Polyphonic Spree are indie’s worst nightmare, a matching 28-piece army-cult of pure exaltation. The bass player throws rock poses in front of the harpist, the brass section dive out of the crowd for a mosh, the Glee club even take out the seats and relax for once. I wonder if […]

Tweets for Today

11:39 What do you do when your mum joins facebook? # Squidged out by LoudTwitter

You know you’re spending too much time on the interweb when…

You see this headline: Tube network crippled by strike and you don’t think London, you think online flash-based video sharing.

Our survey says…

If you’ve read my rantings on ‘survey culture’ on the BiNS blog, or heard me go on about it as part of the reason for Talk Like A Brummie Day, you might not be surprised to see me link to this article – which is about how a ‘survey’ for Veet (which is Imac – […]