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Play him off keyboard cat

New meme discovery: which has lead to “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat”, where Keyboard Cat tidies up awkward social situations: More, more, again, again here.

Worthless Piece of Crap

A quick group blog we set up today, with the idea of getting to try new stuff — and trying to break it. Trying to hate it in the hope that that will be impossible, a possible cure for gadget lust: Worthless Piece of Crap

UK TV series map

UK TV series map Originally uploaded by Meg Pickard

I’m not in a good mood

I’m not having a good week, been busy with work that (while important and good) isn’t at a very exciting stage, I’m tired (which isn’t going to get any better when I get up at 3.30am for this) and I’ve had a few tiny bits of rejection. Which is probably why a sleight in the […]


I don’t write fiction much, haven’t for years, but I decided to see if I could knock something out for Tindal Street Press‘s Roads Ahead compilation. The brief was simply a “substantial short story”, which I took it on myself to write overnight — as tight to the deadline for submission as possible. Turns out, […]

Amazing new business model for newspapers: “be any good”

I’m not a journalist: I did a little bit of journalism training, I have been paid to write for a living, I blog a lot (which requires some of the same sort of skills, some of the time), I read a lot of “news”. I know a lot of journalists work very hard, write good […]

Speakers you shall find

I don’t think I’ve been into British Home Stores since I was dragged there to get some forgotten item of school uniform, probably a shirt or a grey V-necked jumper. Is it possible to by grey V-necked jumpers anywhere else? Maybe the grey V-necked jumper and cream chino market has fallen into fast decline. I […]

Mr Abodol

Today’s post-hole spam: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Lolrus unboxing

Lolrus unboxing Originally uploaded by bounder I has a lolrus.

What made me weird

I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a sort of forthright bravery to admit it. Inspired by this blog post, here’s five things that made me weird: Monty Python — or the realisation that humour didn’t need to be dumb at least.  It’s probably the ‘Marxism […]