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Category Archives: music

Orwell and his chickens

There was a great plan this year to publish George Orwell’s diaries, 50 years after the event, as a blog. We don’t learn a lot about the inner thoughts of the great man, but we do know just how well his chickens were getting on:

tiny music machine lost in Birmingham

Dunkirk on Vimeo

The Faith Tones:

The Faith Tones: “Jesus Use Me” LP cover – Boing Boing

The International – you can find anything on the interweb

I was just looking a website for an unsigned bands competition (Festibull), which got me thinking about bands I’ve been in. The longest running and most interesting was ‘The International’ — we didn’t gig much, but we were completely out-of-time modish art-rock. We used to have a practise room next to Mistress (very metal) and […]

Scanner plays Beethoven

(Ta Neatorama)

cat that plays the theramin


gaol baby

Desperate for your offspring to have that 50s American jailbird look? With a bit of country cool thrown in? You need the Johnny Cash babygrow. (via)

windows the musical

code code code is a heart-wrenching paean to lost love, lyrics mostly written in basic.

the age of the understatement

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Tuner and Miles Kane of The Rascals are The Last Shadow Puppets – this is the video for their first single. The video is smart, the song epic, swooshing, beat-y and wonderful – can’t wait for the album. Link (Via)

I’m going to spend my Christmas with a Dalek

One with a cold, it seems when you listen to this frankly awful, but somehow wonderful Christmas single. Daleks’ voices are done electronically (I hope I’m not spoiling the magic there) – not here it seems.