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Category Archives: geekery

Google Street View fly-by

Using a route planner for Google Maps, and a screen capture app to capture the screen. This is sort of what it would look like to drive from King’s Heath towards the town centre — the route was going further, but there were gaps in which roads were covered by Street View.

Google ‘censor’ cute overload, but not the FSM

This is the back end of my car on Google Streetview – notice how the “privacy” of my car has been maintained by the blurring out of the number plate (waste of time if you ask me, especially as next door’s number plate is viewable). The back of my car is adorned with adornments, you […]

First cat on Google Streetview UK – and it’s Felix from next door

I thought I’d got myself on the the Google Streetview, but they must have taken photos going both ways up our road. They did capture young Felix from next door. I’m loving going round spotting things, more soon.

Chinese Twispers

No recriminations or anything, just an interesting thing that happened this morning on the Twitter. I was listening to Radio Five when the sad news that David Cameron’s son had died broke. This sort of “news” is normally queue to turn off radio and TV, as there’s nothing to be said, but they’ll insist on […]

Friends and sweary flash

Almost ten years ago, I was working at friends of ED — a web design book firm. The imprint is still going, but is owned by an American publisher rather than two brothers who set up shop in Acock’s Green. For a couple of years it rode the “creative” wave of flash design, which in […]

A thought about Twitter that is a bit longer that 140 chars

This is likely to be incoherent — which is why, despite it being about social media, it isn’t over on jonbounds.co.uk — I’m trying to define why I (amongst others) are starting to worry that we’re falling out with Twitter. I’m not going to attempt to explain stuff, just have to dump this out of […]

Charlton and the “reallies?”

TV critic and now TV star Charlie Brooker is on Twitter, he calls himself CharltonBrooker, you can tell it’s him no-one else could get enough bile into 140 characters. He’s an old-school computo-phile (he used to write about computer games, and indeed the computer magazines of the eighties were a fabulous breeding ground for journalists), […]

iPhoto sees people everywhere

I’ve been playing with the new iPhoto ’09, it’s major selling point is face recognition — it attempts to spot faces in your photos and keep a record of who’s where. It makes some brave attempts, but doesn’t always make it: First it spotted a face in Bearwood High St. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Then […]

tiny music machine lost in Birmingham

Dunkirk on Vimeo

Ctrl, Alt, Del Tea Set

swissmiss: Alt, Ctrl, Del Tea Set