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Category Archives: found stuff

How PR works

I think we know this already, “Suits make a corporate comeback,” says the New York Times. Why does this sound familiar? Maybe because the suit was also back in February, September 2004, June 2004, March 2004, September 2003, November 2002, April 2002, and February 2002. Why do the media keep running stories saying suits are […]

Random Acts Of Reality :: Rebuttal

“I was somewhat perturbed. Actually I was flaming furious. You see, despite the mistakes, it also implies other things.” Random Acts Of Reality Probably a much better example of what I was taling about here.

I’m like Moses, but for Twitter – Paul Carr lays down his 10 Commandments | Technology | guardian.co.uk

“Commandment Nine: Thou shalt not retweet compliments This phenomenon I really don’t understand, especially not when it’s my British friends doing it (Americans get their usual shamelessness pass). So someone complimented you or your business on Twitter? Great! I’m pleased for you, I really am. But RT’ing the compliment? You might as well stand in […]

Richard Herring bypasses “broadcast” with new show

“a new sketch/stand up show that I am going to be doing on Monday nights in the autumn at the Leicester Sq theatre and which will be released on iTunes. It’s called, “As It Occurs To me” and it’s going to made up of things I have thought about that week and reconstructions of stuff […]

Yahoo’s When isn’t so hot on where

Supposedly “hyperlocal” thing from Yahoo, hasn’t quite got the “local” bit, yet. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Alan Bennett on TV: nostalgia laced with insight and subversion …

Nice historical round-up of Bennet's TV appearances. – Alan Bennett on TV: nostalgia laced with insight and subversion ….

11 route, frame-by-frame

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! YooouuuTuuube sort of cascades You Tube vids frame-by-frame across your browser. Hypnotic.

Play him off keyboard cat

New meme discovery: which has lead to “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat”, where Keyboard Cat tidies up awkward social situations: More, more, again, again here.

Susan Boyle Swine Flu Sex and MPs

Local MP Sion Simon (finding his way on Twitter) ReTweeted a (vaguely amusing, but not ear-shatteringly funny) witicism: “I’m not saying Susan Boyle caused swine flu. I’m just saying that nobody had swine flu, she sang on TV, people got swine flu.” It’s about Now Show standard, topical, smirk-worthy rather than a belly-laugh — what […]

A false sense of literacy

Nice piece in the NYT about how there’s a system for chosing ten of the thousands of letters sent daily to ol’Bazaa Obama to actualy reach him: “We pick messages that are compelling, things people say that, when you read it, you get a chill,” said Mr. Kelleher. I think a random ten would be […]