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Category Archives: cute

just a summer job

Threadless T-Shirts – It’s Just A Summer Job by Mike Sayre

stuff yourself silly

This hampster is really going for it. Via: Neatorama » Blog Archive » Hamster Vacuum

hamster car in video

(in pictures)(via)

hampster mobile

Brum Brum! (via)

Twitter Cartoon Day

Normally my twitter followers are a, fairly, sane bunch of humans – but today I’ve been watching then all turn to toons. Today has been declared ‘Twitter Cartoon Day’ – “Brighten up the lives of your fellow Twitterers today by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.”

cat that plays the theramin


put this on random

Etsy :: catsicle :: geeky ipod cat toy

penguino central

AntarcticM on flickr is lucky enough to work at the South Pole, and she gets to take brilliant up-close photos of the wildlife. So penguins and seals galore

hey nice beaver

Australian advert that (I assume) has something to do with women’s periods. It’s a step up from the five-a-side, rollerblading, shite we would normally see. Via Kitchbitch</a.