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Category Archives: art

11 route, frame-by-frame

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! YooouuuTuuube sort of cascades You Tube vids frame-by-frame across your browser. Hypnotic.

Hitler’s tache

Richard Herring has decided to live for a week with a Hitler moustache and see how people react. All in the name of comedy of course.

Campaign for Real Heritage

Are you fed up with “officials” deciding what’s important? Do you wish that history wasn’t just written by the winners? The losers, the outsiders, the real people have history too. It deserves recognition, YOUR history deserves a blue plaque. So now it can have one, the Campaign for Real Heritage will place a plaque anywhere, […]

Mark Lawson acts a bit of a presumptuous git

Mark Lawson in The Guardian: “Most art – and certainly the greatest examples – is private and exclusive, created by elite professionals for an audience of amateurs. Though touched by it, we cannot touch it. Schemes that physically involve the public in art or music are an important part of art, but should remain a […]

Jimmy Hill Verses The Jam

The other thing we used to do, instead or at the same time as making books, was testing out the capabilities of Flash — by making things like this:

Slow, birds crossing

A former artist-in-residence with the St. Paul Public Works department, sculptor Steven Woodward came up with the idea of using art signs to slow down drivers. wcco.com – St. Paul’s Traffic Art Signs

Bus stop swing

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! It almost makes you want to wait for a bus. Via Wooster Collective: Bruno Taylor’s Playful Spaces

The past, but wriggley

Those with photosensitive epilepsy might not want to see what joshua heineman is doing to old timey American photos, but the wiggly 3D effect is one for everyone else. Go see (via).

dog hair day

Spotted on Neatorama, these ‘hair hats‘.

gorgeous, pointless, inspirational

ColorFlip.com by Rafaël Rozendaal, collection of Sébastien de Ganay (via)