Black dog on my shoulder

Following on from the warmly received post on the happiness of various cat food models, it’s only inevitable that I should be looking at dogs next. After this, who knows. I did have a look to see whether the fish on the fish food packaging looked happy, but they’re a bunch of cold-blooded emotionless bastards.

To dogs, then, and here’s a two-for-one deal — the pootches on Pedigree Chum’s various products always look like they’re having a great time (a doggy, Forest Gump of a good time, but a good time never the less):


They could run for miles on never more than the promise of a fat stick to chase or some of that incredibly waxy chocolate (I’ve tried it — what do they see in it?). Tesco-own-brand dog, however, is not a laugh-a-minute hound:


Hang-dog or what? But while this pup is feeling the “small” bit of “small bite biscuit bone” at least he hasn’t the positively fuming countenance of mutt number three:


That’s the look of a canine with issues, the tawdry nature of the “supreme selection” is only the start of it.

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