Tweets for Today

  • 18:40 is gmail down? #
  • 18:46 nope seems to be ultra-slow interweb on Virgin cable, had to go to 3G to send some mail… #
  • 09:46 piece of mine in the Post propper (and only one flightly metaphor subbed out), being a Central Library appollogisgt #
  • 12:05 Gordon Brown’s intonation (like his premiership) is all over the place. he just mentioned "President Boosh". Go Bollo! #
  • 12:19 Free glasto music from the Guardian oh for a "download all link", don’t miss the ccs track #
  • 15:54 If proof be needed that Roshan Doug chases pageviews (but writes v quick), latest has "Central Library" in title for no obivous reason ;) #
  • 16:55 on the bus. Hip hop v deep house. Lack of bass isn’t doing either justice. #
  • 17:32 on Birmingham future ‘second city’ debate panel. Tweet me your Bon mots #

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